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Volunteer Spotlight | February 2019 | Joanna Faust
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   Joanna Faust is an Assistant County Attorney in the Office of the County Attorney in Fairfax. Previously, she was an Associate for CameronMcEvoy, PLLC for over five years. Joanna attended the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University. Upon graduation in 2006, she immediately became a Law Clerk to Hon. Robert W. Wooldridge, Jr of the Circuit Court. 

If you did not practice law, what would you do?

"A teacher. I’d love to teach high school math or English, and I often think I should have majored in Education!"


 What was your first job?

"A cashier at a little Chantilly store that sold party supplies called Party Animal. I was (and am) a bookish nerd, so it embarrassed me greatly to wear my 'Party Animal' work shirt."


If you could choose a superpower, what would you chose?

"Flying, so I would never worry about being late for court again." 


"Favorite class in law school?"

Trial Advocacy


Name one thing we would be surprised to learn about.

"I was bitten by a monkey on a high school Spanish trip to Costa Rica, but no far have shown no adverse health effects (knock on wood)."


Why did you choose to donate money/time to the Fairfax Law Foundation?

"There are a lot of good and valuable ways for lawyers to donate time or money to assist our community. There aren’t many that are as hands-on and direct as what the Fairfax Law Foundation does. The Foundation provides an immediate benefit to local students through the Court Tour Program, the Speakers Bureau, and the Devonshire Program, among others, and helps lawyers and parties both through the Conciliation Program and Pro Bono Center.  It feels good to be a part of that." 


Who is legal practitioner that has had the biggest impact on your legal career and why?

"My first year in practice was spent as a clerk to Judge Wooldridge at the Fairfax Circuit Court. I think that year was worth 10 years in terms of what I learned and how it shaped my philosophy towards how I practice law. I have never met a more intelligent, reasonable, or fair practitioner, or one who inspired me more to strive to be a courteous, but zealous, advocate."  

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